Needle Holders

Needle Holders are commonly used in surgeries for suturing. There are a large range of styles and thread patterns to cater for all sizes of sutures and surgery specialities. Very fine Needle Holders, which can be referred to as micro Needle Holders, are used for delicate surgeries such as eyes.  Commonly requested Fine Needle Holders also refer to the smaller sized Needle Holder such as the Derf, Neivert, Halsey through to the Baby Crile Wood. Heavier Needle Holders used in abdominal work, orthopaedics, general surgery etc. begin with the larger Crile Woods through to Mayo Hegar Needle Holders.

Tungsten carbide Needle Holders often referred to as tc Needle Holders, are very common and usually preferred. A tc Needle Holder has a tungsten insert in the jaws which is a special metal giving the Needle Holder a very firm grip on the suture without damaging the Needle Holder. Tungsten is a very hard metal which increases the lifetime of the Needle Holder significantly to that of a non-tungsten Needle Holder. Tungsten carbide Needle Holders are usually requested for theatre use.

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