Proving indispensable
to those who care

The Healthcare Profession, as caring for life, is arguably the most responsible and most respected professions known to man. To fall short when a life, (or lives), are at stake is unthinkable – on your part and ours.

Hallmark Surgical – the name stands for excellence – has deliberately set the bar high. The instruments and devices we provide are devoted to preserving that life.

But, more than that, Hallmark Surgical upholds the skill and experience of people by providing you with the trusted knowledge and support, at all levels of healthcare.

Because, like you, every day we both protect and serve.

Since our founding in 2001, Hallmark Surgical has strived to become an indispensable part of Healthcare in New Zealand. 20 years later, and now servicing every public hospital in New Zealand, and 95% of private hospitals along with many clinics, Hallmark Surgical continues to grow as a critical link in the healthcare delivery chain in New Zealand.

Hallmark Surgical focuses on providing best-in-class products in Gynaecology, Colorectal, Electrosurgical, Surgical Suction, Endoscopy and Instrumentation categories. Our recently constructed, purpose-built distribution centre in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury, enables us to offer these critical medical devices to customers throughout the country as needed. It is the hub of our excellence in the global supply chain.


Our People

Allan Deck

Warehouse Manager

Amy Suckling

Internal Product Specialist - Upper North Island, Auckland & Central North Island

Daniel Suckling

Founder and Managing Director

Emma Patterson

Customer Care and Marketing Coordinator

Jemma Suckling

Internal Product Specialist - Lower North Island & South Island

Junior Suckling

General Manager & Business Development - National

Lucy Glassey

Supply Chain Coordinator

Michelle Pravin

Product Specialist - Upper North Island, Auckland & Central North Island

Developing the History


LumenEye and Suction Liner System Launched


SOLO Pessary Range added to Gynaecology offering. Hallmark Surgical launches Endoscopy Range. Also launches the Innovative BiopSafe Histology Container.


New Head Office and Distribution Centre


Hallmark Surgical secures exclusive distributorship for the Haemoband Preloaded Ligator, now a key part of the Colorectal range. Self-Illuminating Speculum range launched. Attended the Medica Exhibition in Germany


Innovative Rocket Sigmoidoscope added to the Colorectal Portfolio


Hallmark Surgical launches the Disposable Bipolar forcep range


Hallmark Surgical launches Surgical Suction ranges through key exclusive distributorships including Single Use Surgical (now Eakin Surgical)


Hallmark Surgical visits the Medica Exhibition in Germany for the first time, securing key supply relationship’s for Gynaecology and Colorectal specialties including Pelican Feminine Healthcare and Clinical Innovations.


Hallmark Surgical’s first building allowing more space for storage and a growing team.


Hallmark Surgical is relocated to Ashburton


Hallmark Surgical is founded by Daniel Suckling. Key ranges include the Toffeln (now Wearertech) professional footwear range, Pro-Med Instrumentation from Germany, Diathermy Generators from Italy and Alimtype Electrosurgical Instruments


Daniel provides Wellington Hospital with specialist power tools for cast removal and hip transplants, reigniting his interest in the Medical Industry.


Founder Daniel Suckling joins the family business, Powerpac, selling specialist power and air tools to companies such as Air New Zealand, Fitzroy Engineering, Firth Concrete and KiwiRail.


Daniel’s Grandfather, Lester Suckling is conscripted into the NZ Medical Corps as a Captain due to his medical training. After 6 years in the Medical Corps, Lester starts his medical practice in Island Bay practicing through to the early 2000’s.


Daniel’s Great-Grandfather, Arthur Suckling, one of the earliest Dental Surgeons in New Zealand, builds his new practice, the Harley Chambers in Christchurch. This world-class facility includes state-of-the-art air treatment systems, hot and cold water, compressed air and gas to all rooms, and special hollow sound-proof walls. The building is used by medical practices right up to the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2011.

In the Community

Hallmark Surgical has long standing relationships with various charities and community needs in the areas of healthcare, disability care, human aid and education. This is our way of saying thanks to the tireless and selfless effort of so many. Some of the causes we support are below: