Our Haemoband Suction Ligators are single use devices that come pre-loaded with four bands. The gun features a fast positive trigger activation which simultaneously controls suction, fires and reloads the bands, reducing procedure time by as much as 40-50%. The nozzle is completely transparent, providing maximum visibility for the user. Each band is individually moulded rather than cut off a long strip of band, this means the individual strength of each band is much greater than usual therefore, only one band is needed per haemorrhoid. The recommended maximum is three bands per session leaving one spare band for each session.sion.

The Haemoband haemorrhoid ligators connect to standard suction systems and suction tubing is available as an optional extra as shown in the kit options below.

With our single use medical instruments, you can rest assured of quality and safe performance. Contact us with any questions or if you would like to try a free sample.

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