We currently offer two styles of uterine manipulators: the Spackman and the Clearview.

The SOLO™ Spackman uterine manipulator eliminates all concerns over sterility with the added benefit of a tooless, easy-to-use self-locking clamp. This enables single handed use and provides a good seal on the cervix. Usage: For hydrotubation dye tests and uterine manipulation during laparoscopy.  With two models, you have the option of a fixed or movable acorn.

The Clearview uterine manipulator offers the greatest motion of all uterine manipulators – 90˚ anteversion to 120° retroversion – a total range of motion of 210°. The rotating control handle facilitates one-handed control and enables the surgeon to manipulate the uterus without compromising the sterile barrier. A second model has been innovated for the TLH procedure – the SOLO™ Clearview TOTAL uterine manipulator. The ClearView TOTAL has the same great features as the ClearView with the addition of a pre-attached occluder balloon and three different sizes of colpotomy cups.

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