ClearView Total Manipulator


ClearView TOTAL Uterine Manipulator Set for TLH procedure. Complete kit with all components in 1 set. Single use, sterile packed.



The ClearView TOTAL has the same great features as the ClearView with the addition of a pre-attached occluder balloon as well as three different sizes of colpotomy cups, conveniently packaged in a sterile inner tray. The colpotomy cups are designed for improved visibility during insertion and are coloured for easy identification when making the colpotomy incision. The occluder balloon serves as a seal, preventing the loss of the pneumoperitoneum once the colpotomy incision has been made. Single use, sterile packed
Set for TLH procedure includes:
3 x colpotomy cups & occluder balloon for TLH
Two tip size options: 6/7cm tip and 8/9cm tip.
Uterine sound
Syringe Latex free
Single use, sterile packed
UOM: Each, 5/Dispenser Box, 20/Carton

ClearView Total Uterine Manipulator IFU


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