Colorectal and Gastro Instrumentation is a core specialty at Hallmark Surgical and we can provide the ideal solution for you. As shown, several options of disposable Sigmoidoscopes and Bellows are available.

There are two options of disposable Sigmoidoscopes – firstly a disposable sigmoidoscope and bellow kit supplied with a reposable light head, (compatible with common light source systems and reusable light heads), and secondly the Self- Lighting Sigmoidoscope system, complete with 6 inbuilt LED bulbs. This is entirely cordless and provides the ultimate level of illumination.

Both systems are clean packed, eliminating infection risk and reprocessing costs, and both are latex free. Furthermore, by using a single use bellows, the need for an insufflation filter is eliminated, providing additional cost savings.

Alternatively, the Sigmoidoscope can be purchased on its own and used with a conventional bellows and filter.

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