Hallmark Surgical stocks both disposable and reusable Bipolar Forceps. Our line of reusable forceps come in a variety of tip sizes and types for use in all kinds of procedures.

Our Zap™ and Zeppelin nxt™ bipolar forceps are all autoclavable. The UK-made Zap™ forceps feature hard wearing baked Nylon insulation and durable stainless-steel tips. The US 2 Pin plug will connect to both reusable and single use cables. We have proved these very reliable Forceps over the past 15 years and have not the slightest hesitation to recommend these to you.

The Zeppelin nxt™ bipolar forceps are premium Forceps especially designed for delicate surgery including Spinal, Neuro and Vascular Procedures. These are our elite reusable series, made in Germany with 925 Silver alloy tips for unsurpassed non-stick, thermal and conductive properties. They feature a wide ergonomic grip and alignment pin guide and have finely machined nano tips for exact grasping in delicate surgery.

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