Hallmark Surgical has an array of disposable speculum in varying sizes and designs allowing you to choose your preferred type.

The disposable vaginal Speculum available to you include silent open/close mechanisms, self-illuminating and smoke extracting models. All types are stocked in multiple sizes to best suit your patient.

Each Speculum features a robust design in surgical-grade plastic and an ergonomic shape for ease of insertion. They are easy to use and allow the medical practitioner to see the internal structures properly.

Our disposable speculum with a built-in light source provides excellent visibility, with cordless lighting for complete freedom of movement. The disposable speculums with light do not require a battery, cable or charging. The whole unit is completely contained and designed to be disposed of immediately after use.

Examine your patients with confidence with our disposable speculums. Contact us today with your enquiry or to request samples. By logging in to our website, you will see your pricing.

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