Disposable vs. Reusable Medical Instruments: Which Is Better?

In the past few years, the demand for disposable medical instruments has skyrocketed. Doctors and nurses now prefer to use equipment that is easy to dispose of and plastic medical instruments provide just that.
Although medical professionals still use both disposable plastic supplies and traditional metal instruments, the rising preference for the former begs the question: is reusability really still an ideal quality for the medical field?

Hospitals clean their medical devices through thorough sterilisation processes, such as dry heat, chemical disinfectants and gamma irradiation. Despite the reusability of metal supplies after sterilisation, however, it still does not completely eradicate the chances of patients contracting bacterial infections.

The risk of cross-contamination due to unsafe medical devices are very real. Due to human error, there will be cases wherein medical professionals reuse contaminated supplies. Disposable medical instruments overcome that issue altogether. They maintain a better standard of hygiene and eliminate all risks for cross-contamination.


The medical industry is highly competitive. As much as possible, medical professionals want to reduce delays because of their patient’s urgent needs. Furthermore, the comfort of the doctors’ should be taken into account – it is best to provide them with devices that make their jobs easier.

Single-use equipment saves doctors time by removing the need to assess instruments for wear and tear before use. Shortages in reusable supplies due to repairs may also affect the operations of those in the emergency room. Additionally, since disposable products are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, these enable doctors to execute precise, speedy and efficient surgical procedures.

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