BiopSafe Histology Container

An innovative pre-filled histology container which eliminates the risk of formalin exposure. As well as causing irritation to mucous membranes and allergy, formalin is a carcinogenic substance. Therefore it is very important to secure a safe working environment when handling formalin. With BiopSafe, the handling is done in a hermatically sealed system providing the best protection for staff. The staff are never exposed to formalin, not even during the process of screwing the lid on or off.

The BiopSafe system consists of a small, easy to use container (vial) with formalin capsuled in the lid. When the biopsy is placed at the bottom of the container, you screw the lid on and gently apply pressure with your thumb, allowing the formalin to flow out and cover the biopsy. Everything is done inside the container ensuring the clinician is protected from both the liquid and vapour of formalin.