Disposable Vaginal Speculum Make Ob-gyn Practices More Efficient

Disposable vaginal speculum allow Women’s Health practices to run smoothly and efficiently saving both time and money.

When using reusable speculum, it is not always possible to have several speculum types to suit each type of procedure. However, when using disposable speculum, you haven’t invested in the cost of the reusable speculum, so you can afford to choose a few different styles to cater to each procedure type or Surgeon’s preferences. This is especially easy when working with a supplier who allows ordering in eaches rather than box quantities saving you both money and storage space. Choosing a supplier who has a variety of speculum to offer will also help simplify ordering and communication for you.

Having to wait for re-processing of reusable speculum can be quite a problem as is the monitoring of wear and tear as the Speculum is constantly sterilized. Using disposable vaginal speculum provides you with a brand-new product every time, guaranteed sterile and ensures you have the speculum available when you need it. No bubbling and cracking of insulation, no waiting for it to be reprocessed, no need to double-check it is truly clean. It is important that you are working with a supplier who can guarantee you immediate supply of your orders, so you never run out. If using Hallmark Surgical for ongoing orders, we will guarantee you stock on hand for immediate delivery always.

Disposable vaginal speculum are manufactured using robust surgical-grade plastic which is obviously considerably warmer compared to metal speculum saving time again. Plastic has a less invasive feel being more giving than the metal speculum and some designs with the frosted finish like the Speculum Easy-Spec; are particularly comfortable for the patient providing a significantly smoother entry. (Run your hand along frosted versus non-frosted and you will feel the difference!) Silent open/close mechanisms available on disposable vaginal speculum are more reassuring to the patient also. If you are trying to find a highly flexible but unbreakable disposable Speculum – check out the Speculum UltraSpec; new in from England. It even has smoke extracting and sidewall prolapse retractor accessory options available!

No battery, no Charger, no Cable, complete freedom of movement! Disposable speculum are available with inbuilt, self-contained LED Illumination for cordless lighting. This provides excellent visibility and the whole unit is designed to be disposed of immediately after use.

Choose the right speculum for each procedure and order in each at the same special price. Prefer the frosted finish for ease of insertion, need highly flexible and unbreakable, select your smoke extracting choice, need the sidewall prolapse retractor accessory, self-illuminating for cordless lighting and no waiting for charging devices.

Contact us today to try free samples or ask a question, we are here to help and confident we will have the right Speculum for your need.