G-Flex versus Olympus EndoJaws versus Boston Radial Jaws: How do they compare?

Biopsy Forceps are one of the staple instruments used in endoscopy suites around the country. What are your options, and which brand offers the best solutions to my needs?

Below you will find a comparison between the two leading brands, Boston Scientific Radial Jaws and Olympus EndoJaws; and the recently launched G-Flex forceps.

What is important in a Biopsy Forcep?

In speaking to many of you in Endoscopy departments around New Zealand, we hear that the most important aspects of a biopsy forcep are:

  1. Bite precision and capacity
  2. Handle ergonomics
  3. Supply reliability
  4. Value for money

Bite Precision and capacity:

Biopsy forceps are designed to accurately secure tissue samples and specimens for histological analysis and diagnosis. As one of the most common items used in an endoscopy department, it needs to perform every time and retain its sharpness when used multiple times during a procedure.

Boston Scientific is a global leader in endoscopic instruments and their Radial Jaw forceps is an excellent product used by many departments. All of their forceps come with what they call a Micro-Mesh Tooth design. This is a serrated tooth, engineered to provide a clean, precise bite.

The Radial Jaw range covers three main sizes of forcep, standard capacity and large capacity forceps, which are compatible with a 2.8mm working channel, and Jumbo biopsy forceps which require a 3.2mm working channel. All sizes are available as a standard cup style or with a spike.

Olympus is one of the most well-known medical brands globally and has a wide range of endoscopy instruments. The EndoJaw biopsy forcep range by Olympus has a comprehensive lineup of options, including their Alligator Jaw and Oval Jaw models. Oval jaw models have a straight cutting edge, whereas the Alligator jaw is similar to Boston’s Micro-Mesh Tooth design with serrations on the sides of the jaws. Once again, a wide range of sizes is available with the Olympus EndoJaw range, covering standard, large and extra-large capacity forceps, all available with or without a spike.

G-Flex is a new player in the New Zealand market and has recently been launched by Hallmark Surgical. Headquartered in Belgium, with European manufacture, the G-Flex Biopsy Forceps have been gaining exceptional feedback from clinicians throughout New Zealand. The G-Flex range, similar to Olympus, offers the Sharkbite models, with serrated jaws, and standard models with straight cutting edges. Standard models are available in a 5mm Jaw, or a Large 7mm Jaw. The 7mm Jaw does come with a spike as an option too.

Sharkbite is available in a standard 5.8mm Jaw, with or without spike, or a Jumbo 8mm Jaw.

All brands are of US or European origin, meaning their reliability and sharpness throughout your procedure are excellent. Finding the right size and configuration of jaw design is something to focus on.

Handle Ergonomics:

Ensuring a device can be easily used is something that relies on good handle design.

Both Boston Radial Jaws and Olympus EndoJaws have handle designs with stoppers on either end of the finger grip, as per the below image.

The G-Flex forcep incorporate a handle design with full finger loops, which is more similar to what would be seen in other common instruments, such as snares. 

As Biopsy Forceps are a non-rotable device, either design is ergonomic for use in the endoscopy department. Which style you choose would come down to personal preference.

Supply Reliability:

As one of the most common items used in your department, you need the piece of mind that biopsy forceps will be there when you need them.

Boston, Olympus and G-Flex are all sourced from stable manufacturing countries in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to raw material supply. Along with this, all three brands are well represented here in New Zealand with stock available at short notice.

Hallmark Surgical does offer a zero-backorder guarantee for the G-Flex product range, ensuring that your exact demands are calculated into New Zealand based stock holding and you have access to stock with overnight delivery on demand anywhere in the country.

As a family-based, New Zealand owned and operated supplier of gastroenterology instrumentation, Hallmark Surgical has the ability to closely understand your department and requirements, and ensure your needs are met.

Value for money:

Although the exact pricing of Boston Radial Jaws and Olympus EndoJaws is not known, the premium biopsy forceps on the market tend to range in price between $15-$25 per forcep, depending on the size of your organisation or what contracts you may have in place.

We refer to Boston, Olympus and G-Flex as premium options in comparison to the growing number of cheaper alternatives now on the market.

Cheaper alternatives have been growing in popularity here in New Zealand over the last 5 years, but we receive many comments from those who have tried these products confirming that the points discussed above such as Bite Precision and Capacity, durability, Handle Ergonomics, and Supply Reliability can be significantly compromised, meaning that a cheaper product doesn’t present more value. 

It is up to you and your department as to what you prioritise and whether a trusted premium product that is available and works every time is more important than outright cost.

We hope this overview has provided some value and look forward to discussing your needs with you further.

To review or trial the G-Flex biopsy forcep range, please reach out to one of the team today.