Should I consider upgrading the cleaning guns in my sterile service department?

Is your department always spending money on maintenance or having to work around broken equipment?
Has it been several years since you have researched the best cleaning gun options for your department?
Or maybe you haven’t upgraded your equipment for several years and now is the time to review your options.

What you do in sterile service departments remains largely unseen and can be overlooked, however, is critical to the successful delivery of patient services. You deserve the best equipment you can get.

So should you consider upgrading the cleaning guns in your department and if so, what is the best money can buy?

Consideration 1:
One issue you may be facing with your current cleaning guns is underperformance especially if the guns have not been replaced recently or are broken. With many reusable medical devices requiring both air and water to effectively clean lumens, or hard to access areas, not having workable cleaning guns can significantly impact your ability to quickly and efficiently process these devices with confidence. Investing in new cleaning guns has the ability to speed up your workflows and ensure you have confidence in the efficacy of your process.

Consideration 2:
If you are commonly spending money on maintenance costs such as repairing handles, plumbing connections or nozzles or having to find workarounds and other methods to clean your reusable medical devices due to your cleaning guns being broken or unusable, it is likely high time you consider replacing your equipment. Both the ongoing costs and impact on your workflows and processing times are likely to be costing your department significantly. Researching your options carefully and selecting equipment designed to last will be important to ensure you don’t have a repeat of these issues.

Consideration 3:
Have you thought about bacterial build-up in your guns? In most departments, guns have been used for an extended period across a wide range of devices with limited cleaning of the gun itself having taken place. This significantly increases the risk of secondary infection and is a major reason to upgrade your guns.

What is the best money can buy:
Hallmark Surgical’s recently launched range of RFQ cleaning guns is paving the way forward in a new era of health and safety in sterile departments across the country.

The RFQ range of air & water guns is manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany from 316/1.4404 grade Stainless Steel – some of the highest & hardest strength stainless steel available. The difference between the RFQ gun range and the traditional plastic or aluminium gun lies in the manufacturing and quality of materials used. The barrel, handle, shaft and trigger are all constructed from the same 316/1.4404 stainless steel for ultra-long-lasting use and there is no potential for the handle or tip to come off or get damaged as there is just 1 plastic component in the whole handpiece. The RFQ gun does away with continual costly repairs due to the quality of construction and materials used.

With increasing concern around secondary infection, and bacterial buildup, Hallmark Surgical’s range of RFQ Cleaning Guns solves a very important and ongoing problem for almost all sterile service departments around the country. Secondary infection with most current air & water guns that can’t be disassembled or sterilized, presents serious risks to the health and safety of patients. A simple ‘wipe down’ isn’t enough to completely remove bacterial air and water particles that have built up over time. The range of RFQ cleaning guns can be completely disassembled, sterilised, and put back together – without any need for tools. This eliminates bacterial build up providing confidence that you are doing what you can to protect your patients.

View our video on how to dismantle the RFQ cleaning guns here.

Hallmark Surgical truly believes the RFQ cleaning gun range is the best money can buy for your department. If you are considering upgrading your cleaning guns today reach out to the team to arrange a demonstration or for further information.