Why Single-use Bipolar Forceps Are In Great Demand Today


With the rise of minimally invasive surgeries in the cosmetic, gynaecological, ORL and other medical fields, there is now a greater demand for bipolar forceps. Powered by an electrosurgical generator, bipolar diathermy forceps, cut and coagulate and are necessary for many surgical procedures. Single use bipolar diathermy forceps guarantee a brand new product for every procedure with uncompromised tip quality and alignment. With the increased need for these surgically and the importance of high quality models, a reliable supply is most important.

Tip Alignment and Non-Stick properties

With the high usage and therefore frequent autoclaving of reusable bipolar forceps, the alignment of the tips can soon become a problem causing frustration for the Surgeons and lengthened procedure times. Autoclaving wears down the non-stick insulation on the bipolar forceps causing the tissue to char and build-up of eschar on the tips. This hinders the Surgeon’s work and increases smoke output – very unfavourable for the surgical staff and sometimes harmful with toxic cells. The charred tissue also causes longer healing time for the patient. Sometimes the coating can even chip off during a procedure. This makes single-use Forceps so much more attractive as they guarantee a brand new forcep for every procedure with uncompromised tip quality and alignment. The tips on high quality single use diathermy forceps are made of non-stick alloy rather than a coating and the overall feel is hard to distinguish from a reusable bipolar forcep. No waiting for the autoclave and no risk of your high-cost reusable bipolar forceps being thrown in the bin – high quality, single-use diathermy forceps are a win-win situation for the surgical staff and the patient.

Outstanding Ability to Cut and Seal

Bipolar electrosurgical forceps cut and coagulate tissue rapidly and use very little power. Restricted only to the tissue between the arms of diathermy forceps, the electric current is not harmful to anyone. The device is designed to allow surgeons to have close control over their targeted area. They can successfully cut or seal targeted tissues while preventing damage to surrounding tissue and eliminating the risk of patient burn.

With the technology available today, single-use bipolar forceps can be made to a very high quality so much so, that the Surgeon will not be able to distinguish the difference between a reusable forcep and a single-use forcep. With brand new, non-stick alloy tips and perfect alignment, various styles with optional cable-included models – the range and benefits of single use bipolar forceps is huge.

Many experts predict that minimally invasive procedures will become increasingly popular in the next few years. So, if you don’t want to lose your edge over your competitors, make sure you have a sufficient supply of high quality single-use bipolar forceps in your practice.

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