Anglesea Hospital Rapid Reusables Case Study

Anglesea Hospital is a private hospital located in Hamilton that provides the best possible surgical experience through excellent care and technology. They have three theatres built with the latest digital equipment and a completely equipped central sterile supply department with fully qualified CSSD Technicians providing sterile equipment for all procedures. With highly experienced staff and innovative designed equipment, Anglesea Hospital is committed to providing the best care for all patients. Specialties that Anglesea are involved in include:




Otolaryngology (ENT)



Plastic Surgery


Oral Surgery


The Challenge:

Sue has worked in the CSSD department for the last 16 years and has been the CSSD Coordinator for the past six years. Her role requires her to purchase high-quality instruments from suppliers for their hospital. Anglesea Hospital has often had issues such as supply chain and lack of communication with suppliers, making it challenging to source needed instruments. This can often be time-consuming and requires several follow-ups to ensure they receive the required instruments. This can lead to missing instruments in their sets, delayed procedures and unhappy staff and patients.

How Hallmark Surgical has helped:

Sue now reaches out to Hallmark Surgical when she needs to replace, upgrade or source a special type of instrument. She states, “I have always found Hallmark Surgical to be reliable, responsive and offer competitive pricing and no hassles to exchange or return any items that for whatever reason have not been suitable”. This eliminates any unnecessary time spent following up or being unable to source what is needed. Sue now works with our North region team by reaching out with any requests she may have; we also have our product specialist, who can visit Sue to show her some of our key instruments and ask any necessary questions.

What impact has Rapid Reusables made:

Hallmark Surgical has relieved hospitals like Anglesea from the stress and frustration of missing or damaged instruments with our new Rapid Reusables range. Sue mentions, “The introduction of Rapid Reusables is a brilliant resource and has reduced a lot of waiting time when wanting to replace or increase our supply of everyday reusable surgical instruments”.

This range covers most of Sue’s immediate needs, such as needle holders, sponge holders, and towel clips, and is always in stock for immediate dispatch. It comes in our three brands, Pro-Med, Sieger, and Sterling, offering the necessary instruments for everyone. Sue states that this range is a ‘go-to’ for any requests, as she knows that she can receive the instruments overnight. Rapid Reusables has brought relief to many hospitals and clinics across New Zealand, as they no longer need to chase suppliers for instruments and can order with no hassles. Sue mentions, ‘Hallmark Surgical always provides great customer service, fast response, and quality surgical instruments for all specialties ‘. With excellent feedback on the range, we will continue to grow this range and offer a wider range of instruments for all your needs.

To view the full range, download your copy of the Rapid Reusables catalogue on our website today and watch our process video below!