Comfort In The Operating Room: Tips Towards Creating It

Surgeons can spend countless hours standing in an operating room. Given the sensitive nature of their work and the conditions in and under which this work must be performed, surgeons sometimes sacrifice their own comfort to fulfill the demands of the job. If you are a surgeon, then you are probably well-acquainted with the dilemma of staying comfortable, in less than ideal circumstances and conditions.

Yet you would also know that it is vital to maintain a degree of comfort, so that you and your operating room team can better focus on the task at hand – no matter how lengthy or tedious. Here, we round up what you and can do to be more comfortable in the OR, whether you’re in there for a 30-minute, or 30-hour procedure:

Doctors work with varying equipment inside the operating room. Some of them, such as operating lights, can easily increase the ambient temperature. Adjust temperature control for the comfort of the entire team so that no one is breaking a sweat in their scrub suits, or shivering from the cold.

When it comes to scrubs, the issue is not just comfort, but also safety. A gown that is too long will make you prone to falling over. A tight scrub will restrict movement and will cause serious discomfort as the hours pass. Scrubs made of stiff material are uncomfortable, as well. Wearing clean, soft, well-made scrubs that are neither too loose, nor too tight in fit is one of the best ways to ensure comfort in the operating room.

Shoes used in the operating room, firstly, must comply with hospital protocol. Secondly, they must be entirely comfortable. Outdoor footwear is obviously not allowed inside the operating room, and must be left in the changing room. OR footwear must provide superior comfort and not cause foot pain after an 8-hour shift; good surgical shoes are designed to endure hours of standing up without causing harm to the foot. Many experienced surgeons form a deep bond with the footwear they use in the operating room, on account of the comfort these afford. Hallmark Surgical carries an expansive line of shoes and other surgical supplies online, for this purpose

The operating room is a high-octane environment, where every move counts. Keeping yourself and your team comfortable is very important. It does not just keep you safe from stress, but it also boosts your confidence, level of alertness and mood when you need it the most.

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