WearerTech® Rejuvenate Clogs


WearerTech Rejuvenate Clogs – Lightweight feminine styling



The WearerTech Rejuvenate from Toffeln is latest ergonomic technology with a super-slim feminine design, using University research to perfect the ergonomic design. Supplied with a removable insole and fitted with the Grip-Safe sole, the EVA technology is top-to-sole, completely enclosing your foot in resilient, shock-absorbing protection. Side ventilation allows natural breathing, machine washable at 40°C and CE certified.

  1. Closed-In Heel – designed to hold the heel securely, with enhanced arch support. The heel is raised to further enhance comfort.
  2. Grip-Safe Sole – this unique sole not only gives extreme slip resistance, but also offers a much greater penetration resistance than other lightweight footwear available.
  3. Insole included – walk with even greater comfort with the specially designed WearerTech insole.
  4. Side Ventilation – allow your feet to breathe naturally, keeping them cool throughout the day.
  5. Easily wipe down or machine wash up to 40°C.


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