Spackmann Manipulator Fixed Accorn

SKU: W2121NS

SOLO™ ™ Spackmann Uterine Manipulator with fixed acorn, 240mm long. Long cannulated instruments are very hard to clean and sterility can in no way be guaranteed. The SOLO™™ single use Spackmann eliminates all risk of cross-infection and provides the Surgeon with a strong rigid Stainless Steel shaft for effective manipulation. Tip includes ports for dye injection. Self locking tenaculum clamp. Latex free, single use, sterile packed.


Long cannulated instruments are slow and expensive to reprocess and their cleanliness cannot be checked. The only way to guarantee a Spackmann is sterile is to use a new one every time, eliminating all risk of cross infection. This device, and the adjustable acorn model W2122MA, have a strong rigid Stainless Steel shaft, so the Surgeon can manipulate effectively. The unique clamp design is tooless and self-locking, and a positive seal on the cervix is maintained. • Usage: For hydrotubation dye tests and uterine manipulation during laparoscopy. (Evenly placed holes at the tip for equal dye distribution)
See model W2122MA for adjustable acorn option
Latex free
Single use, sterile packed
UOM: Each, 12/Dispenser Box, 48/Case


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