SOLO™ Haemoband Pre-loaded Ligator Kit 2


SOLO Haemoband Suction Bander with Suction Tubing. Preloaded with 4 bands – reduce procedure time by 40% – 50%. Single use. See other 3 kit options also.


SOLO Haemoband – the fastest Haemorrhoid Bander available. Supplied with 2m Suction Tube.
Features and Benefits:
Pre-loaded with 4 bands, reloading is eliminated, saving 40% – 50% in procedural time – a big benefit for both the Doctor and the patient,
Unique trigger design guarantees only 1 band is fired each time. Band discharge is very distinct – there is no doubt when a band has been fired. The trigger also regulates the suction flow and reloads the tip with the next band,
Special green ligation bands are highly visible once in place assisting visual check,
Each band is individually molded, rather than cut off a long rubber roll, resulting in a very strong band, with high elastic and mechanical properties. The need to double band is removed and the efficacy of the band is guaranteed for the shelf life of the device,
Available in 3 other kit options also.
Latex free
Single use, clean packed
UOM: Each, 8/Dispenser Box, 32/Carton


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