Fibre Optic Light Source

SKU: D168150

RFQ Fibre Optic Cold Light Source. Made in Germany


The RFQ Fibre Optic Cold Light Source, with a 150 watt Halogen bulb, provides brilliant white light for maximum illumination and excellent colour rendition. Supplied with Olympus type fittings it connects to any FO type surgical instrument, such as Sigmoidoscopes, Proctoscopes, Retractors etc.
Specifications and benefits:
230 Volts x 150 Watt Halogen bulb
Variable brightness control to suit all applications
2.3 Metre high density, autoclavable, fibre optic cable.
Ideal for hospital and Specialist use in diagnostics and surgical procedures
Connects to SOLO Proctoscopes and Sigmoidoscopes (Adaptor may be required)
Made in Germany


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