Respirator – Classic


Classic Respirator, FFP1 – FFP3 Protection Levels, Colour Coded Protection Levels, Preformed Design.



The DACH Classic series of protective respirators stands out with its remarkable established ergonomic form-fit that integrates comfort, safety, hygiene, practicality, reliability and design. The preformed design allows for simple application and comfort along with the foam nose pad in all models. The Classic Straps are adjustable ensuring a secure fit for the user. Two models available with the state-of-the-art 360° exhalation valve. This has a razor-thin membrane that allows air to escape 360? around the valve during exhalation to release heat and humidity compared to the traditional 180? valves. Passed the Dolomite Test for breathing resistance and filter penetration. Outer Layer: Fluid repellant polypropylene. Inner Layer: Soft polypropylene, skin friendly. Filter Media: Melt-blown micro fibre. Elastic Strap: Synthetic rubber, latex free. Nose Piece: Aluminium. Nose Pad: Polyurethane foam. Valve: Synthetic Rubber Membrane, polypropylene casing. Manufactured by DACH Germany according ISO13485 and ISO9001. UOM Box/20 units, Cartons/240 units.


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