Gown – PE Examination

SKU: G621B

PE Examination Gown, Thumb loop, EasyOff System, Blue, 120cm, Individually packaged.


The DACH ecoComfort® PE Examination Gown is made of very resilient PE-foil with a thickness of 40 µm and is resistant to the penetration by blood and viruses. This gown has a belt around the waist area for fastening and adjusting the size for a comfortable fit. The sleeves have thumbholes that ensure the perfect fit even during movement without compromising the high agility provided by the ergonomic design of this gown. The innovative cut ensures agility and durability even in difficult situations. The new Quick-Off -System allows fast and simple undressing: simply rip off the dirty apron – saves you valuable time when you need it most! Suitable for infection control and prevention, and for the protection against MRSA and noroviruses. Blood- and virus-resistant according to EN14126. Manufactured by DACH Germany according ISO13485 and ISO9001. UOM Bag/10 units, Cartons/200 units.


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