Gown – IsoCoat Zytex® 360


DACH IsoCoat Zytex 360 Protective Gown, Cytostatics Resistant, Yellow, 2 Lengths Available, Knitted Cuffs



The DACH IsoCoat Zytex®- 360 is a protective gown that offers maximum all-round protection. The complete gown is made of our high-performance material Zytex® providing you with maximum protection – back and front! The high-quality Zytex® material is a high-end material that provides reliable protection against penetration by blood, viruses, bacteria, contaminated particles, fluid aerosols and cytostatics. Compliant with the regulatory requirements, this product performs excellent for all testing criteria defined by the EN 14126 and the ISO 6529 for protection from penetration by liquid cytostatics, making this protective gown the safest and most reliable choice when it comes to optimum protection in challenging and extreme environments. Gown is secured with ties at the neck and waist and comes with the improved knitted cuffs for perfect coverage while wearing gloves. Product Performance: Class 6 – ISO 16603, ASTM F 1670 (resistance to penetraction by synthetic blood); Class 6 – ISO16604, ASTM 1671 (resistance to penetration by bacteriophage virus); Class 6 – EN 14126, EN ISO 22610 (resistance to bacterial penetration – Wet Penetration); Class 3 – EN ISO 22612 (resistance to penentration, microbial penetration – Dry Penetration); Class 3 – ISO 22611 (resistance to penetration by liquid aerosol). Cytostatica resistant – ISO 6529 (resistance to permeation by liquid chemicals). Length – 130cm or 160cm. Available in Yellow. Manufactured by DACH Germany according ISO13485 and ISO9001. UOM Bag/10 units, Cartons/50 units.


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