Artery Forceps Mosquito Micro

SKU: 150122AAA

Mosquito-Micro Artery (Haemostat) Forceps 12.5cm, straight or curved



Pro-Med – the premium choice, elite, surgical Instruments manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany. Exceptional quality record of a 1:30,000 return rate! The Surgeon’s ultimate Instrument with perfect balance, consistency, durability and function. Lifetime guarantee.

Sieger – genuine German Stainless Steel Instruments, the popular choice of many Hospitals and Specialist Clinics. Professionally machined utilising volume production methods. Used in many Theatres throughout NZ and globally, Sieger provides excellent economy and performance. Lifetime guarantee.

Sterling – well machined and finished Instruments in high Chromium Stainless Steel, at minimal prices. Manufactured in Pakistan, ideally suited for instruments that are only used occasionally or are frequently lost.


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