Alsa Electrosurgical Generator 140W


Alsa Electrosurgical Generator 140W, hand and foot switch control


The big brother to the ESU50-MPC, this 140 watt Generator has both foot and hand switching controls. Very user friendly, it will perform all requirements in minor surgery. Equipped with 9 x Monopolar functions and the Bipolar function, Alsa Generators are robust, reliable and very easy to use. Ideal for all types of minor surgery procedures that arise in Specialist Clinics, GP’s and Outpatient Departments. Supplied with a free Monopolar Kit EB730/A.
Specifications and benefits:
Hand or foot switch controlled
Dual digital dashboard display for independent cut and coagulation power settings, for quicker procedural times
Nine Monopolar settings
Bipolar function for use with full range of Forceps
Clear, easy-to-use dashboard controls
Precise power control with digital display
Return electrode (reusable or disposable) with patient protection alarm
Audio functions confirming activation for Surgeon safety
Auto circuitry check on start-up
Made in Italy
2 year warranty

Product Information, IFU

IFU for Alsa Electrosurgical Systems - Cleaning and Sterilisation

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