Making Patients Comfortable During A Gynaecological Visit

A gynaecologist’s job is far from easy. Ensuring women’s health through the range of physical examinations that form a regular check-up requires a trusting relationship and a connection between doctor and patient. Such a rapport allows the patient to feel at ease during each visit and makes for a more transparent patient–doctor relationship.

If you are a gynaecologist, how can you make your patient feel comfortable and assured that they are in good hands when they are in your clinic? Here are a few things you can do.

Introduce Yourself

No one wants to entrust their body to the care of someone they don’t know. Create rapport with your patient by introducing yourself. To make them feel comfortable with you, tell them your preferred name and encourage them to use that when talking to you. By doing this, you eliminate awkward formalities and make the patient feel at ease in your presence.

After breaking the awkwardness, establish your credentials as their doctor. Talk briefly about your training and the conditions you have handled, so they know they’re in good hands.

Listen to Their Complaints, and Tell Them About Similar Situations You Have Dealt With

When a patient comes in for her first visit, one of her biggest concerns may be what you’ll think of her issues about her body. Encourage her to voice her concerns and listen carefully. When she has finished talking, tell her, in general terms, about similar issues that you have dealt with in the past. She needs to know that hers is not an isolated case and that you’ve seen it all before. This way, she won’t feel that she has anything to be ashamed of.

Provide Assurance That You Are Using the Right Techniques and Tools

If you encounter patients who are having their first gynaecological examination, understand that they may be feeling apprehensive about the procedure. Give short explanations about the process, and emphasise the benefits to them.

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