How Single Use Bipolar Forceps Streamline Electrosurgical Operations

Electrosurgery is a medical procedure that relies on high-frequency electricity to heat or cut tissue. It is a delicate practice that requires great precision and the appropriate device to ensure the patient’s safety.

Using inadequate medical equipment during electrosurgery can pose threats to a patient’s health. To meet the demands of the medical industry, Hallmark Surgical supplies a complete range of Bipolar Forceps in both single use and reusable with cable options for streamlined electrosurgical operations. The most common forceps include Bayonet and Adson single use bipolar forceps.

Reusable medical devices cost both time and resources with the need for reprocessing and maintenance. With our single-use bipolar forceps, you eliminate the possibility of waiting for reprocessing, the risk of infection, the chance of compromised tip and alignment quality. Surgeons can save time and be guaranteed a brand new forcep in pristine quality to ensure the optimum performance and outcome.

Tissue adhesion or ‘hot spots’ on forceps cause smoke and prevent surgical site visibility. Standard forceps are prone to build-up of eschar causing delays during operations. Choose the Bipolar Forceps fitted with silver alloy non-stick coating to perform the best for you

The aforementioned ‘hot spots’ on the tips of the forceps causing toxic surgical smoke during the operation, can be harmful to both the patient and the medical professionals present. Our bipolar forceps are designed to lower those risks with low-smoke tips. The reduction of eschar on the forceps minimises the production of smoke.

We understand the difficulties of finding devices that are compatible with your current electrosurgery units. At Hallmark Surgical, we make sure our single-use bipolar forceps work with standard and common electrosurgical generators and we are ready and willing to discuss your questions or visit to demo the devices.

Hallmark Surgical is committed to providing top quality products for the healthcare industry. With an aim to help preserve life, we provide devices, instruments and clothing that are suitable for critical medical environments.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you need. Contact Hallmark Surgical today on 0800 673 728.

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