Helping Patients Manage Preoperative Fear

The operating room doesn’t usually strike patients as a positive place to be. It is common for patients to have doubts and overwhelming fears before their scheduled procedure.

Doctors can play a significant role in helping patients calm down. So, before slipping on the comfortable surgery shoes, using these tips can really help patients get control of their emotions.

Patients can have peace of mind when they trust the doctors who will work on them. It is important to build a trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient. Answering questions with ease and grace will let them know you are confident about the procedure. This will also show you are knowledgeable about their specific case.

One great source of fear is not knowing exactly what will happen. Inform patients about the procedure; give them pamphlets, hand-outs or other materials. In addition, schedule time to talk to them about the procedure. If they understand what they are in for, they will have less to fear.

Many patients opt to go through with surgery because it will improve their quality of life. Tell patients about this and make them look forward to the benefits of undergoing surgery. Then they will know the preoperative stress will be duly rewarded.

Don’t be too restrictive. Allow them to listen to music, watch their favourite TV shows or give them time to just calm down before the procedure. While surgeries are serious business, finding ways to lighten the mood for the patients can help. Aside from music and telly, breathing exercises are also great.

At Hallmark Surgical, we provide our clients with the best-in-class surgical devices for a better patient experience. However, undergoing surgery isn’t just about what happens in the room. For many patients, the challenge comes even before stepping into the hospital for the surgery. With the surgeon’s skill, the best equipment available today and a well-adjusted patient, the chances of a successful procedure are maximised.

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