Top 5 Questions Colorectal Surgeons have about LumenEye®

Over the past few months, the team at Hallmark Surgical have been talking to a wide range of colorectal surgeons and nurses about the new LumenEye® X1 system. Through these conversations, we have answered many questions about the system, and many of our clients had the same or similar questions. In this article, we want to cover the basics of the LumenEye® X1 system and answer some of the common questions we are being asked!

The top 5 questions we are being asked on the LumenEye® X1 are: 

  1. What is LumenEye®?
  2. Does LumenEye® work with normal rigid sigmoidoscopes?
  3. Apart from high-definition visualisation, how is it an improvement on rigid sigmoidoscopes?
  4. How do I clean it?
  5. How much does it cost?

What is LumenEye®?

The LumenEye® X1 is what we like to refer to as a revolution in rigid sigmoidoscopy. Let us explain!

Remaining essentially unchanged since the 1800s, the sigmoidoscope has dropped in popularity with consultants around the globe for the limitations in visualisation and capability and with the advancement in flexible sigmoidoscopy. However, it still represents a very cost-effective, fast method for bowel examinations. 

Mr Fareed Iqbal, a Colorectal Registrar in the UK, understood this situation and set out to revolutionise rigid sigmoidoscopy and bring it into the 21st century; hence LumenEye® was born!

The system comprises two main parts: the portable equipment case and a consumable scope and manifold set. The case houses the control module, a tablet with an inbuilt keyboard for controlling the CHiP software platform, and the reusable handpiece. This handpiece then connects to the disposable scope and manifold set when used.

Does LumenEye® work with normal rigid sigmoidoscopes?

No, LumenEye® cannot be used with normal rigid sigmoidoscopes. Therefore, if you use LumenEye®, you will need to use the device-specific consumable scope. Let us explain why.

Most current rigid sigmoidoscopes come with in-built lighting or connect to an external light source. With LumenEye®, this is not required, as the lighting is at the end of the lumen on the reusable handpiece, providing exceptional shadow-free visualisation.

Current sigmoidoscopes use a 1.5x or 2x magnification lens to enhance visualisation. But, again, this is not required with LumenEye®, because of the use of HD imagery, similar to what is found in endoscopy.

Because of these reasons, the scope has to connect to the reusable handpiece. Therefore the design is slightly different to standard rigid sigmoidoscopes.

Apart from improved visualisation, how is it an improvement on rigid sigmoidoscopes?

This is a great question! As soon as a consultant sees LumenEye® for the first time, they are always blown away by the system’s visualisation. But, what other key improvements are available with LumenEye®?

  1. The LumenEye® reusable handpiece has integrated bellows in the handle, removing the need to use single-use bellows for sigmoidoscopy procedures. This reduces the waste in a procedure and therefore is more sustainable than current practices.
  2. Due to the scope and manifold design, all insufflation air following a procedure is released through a hydrophobic filter. This improves the protection levels for consultants significantly.
  3. LumenEye® provides consultants with the ability to perform biopsy’s under insufflation through the valved 3mm biopsy channel. This can increase the speed of diagnosis for patients and consultants.
  4. With CHiP, the platform allows for taking images and videos during examinations. These can then be referred for a second opinion, reviewed for follow-up consultations or used for training.
  5. LumenEye® provides significant improvement to ergonomics from rigid sigmoidoscopes. The consultant no longer has to bend for examination but can remain upright, viewing the high-definition imagery on the tablet screen.

How do I clean it?

The LumenEye® X1 device utilises a single patient use consumable manifold, sheath and obturator set. This results in the reusable element of the device not coming into direct contact with the mucous membrane of the anorectal cavity. LumenEye® is cleaned with a high level of disinfection using the Tristel Trio wipes system, according to international standards. This allows the device to be cleaned between patients and can be used for an entire list. 

The detailed cleaning instructions utilising the Tristel Trio Wipes System have been performed in accordance with EN ISO 17664 and validated. You can view the full instructions here.

How much does it cost?

As LumenEye® becomes more common throughout the globe, the cost of the technology is expected to decrease. Currently, in New Zealand, the portable case with tablet and handpiece is between $23,000 – $28,000. The consumable cost is between $165 – $195 each. The variation in cost does depend on the number of consumables you expect to use.

Well, there you have it! The Top 5 questions regarding the LumenEye® X1 System. We trust it has been helpful in your review of the system. If you would like to book a demonstration, trial or speak with a product specialist about LumenEye®, reach out to us today! 

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