Three Ergonomic And Efficient Single-use Medical Instruments From Hallmark Surgical

It is impossible to check that some types of reusable clean – and therefore sterile. The processes and length of time taken in effort to clean such instruments is slow and laborious and not being able to verify sterility means cross-contamination is a high-risk scenario.

Disposable surgical instruments are the safest and most cost-effective solution to this problem. Disposable or single use instruments are guaranteed clean and sterile and provide a brand new device for every procedure. Hallmark Surgical is an advocate of the use of disposable medical devices and have been constantly innovating their range with world-leading devices for over 10 years.

Here are three cutting-edge devices that will make your work easier and faster:

Our SOLO™ Haemoband Ligators and range of Proctoscopes and Anoscopes are designed to help doctors treat mild to severe haemorrhoid cases, ensuring comfortable, fast and efficient procedures.

The SOLO™ Haemoband Pre-Loaded Suction Bander has been designed by Surgeons to reduce procedure time by 40-50%. All requirement to remove and reload the bander after each band is fried is removed. Preloaded with 4 bands, which have been individually molded and tensile tested, you can be assured that one band is sufficient for a haemorrhoid, eliminating the need to double-band. The trigger activates both the suction flow and band release and a large distal tip allows the ideal volume of haemorrhoidal tissue to be held and secured by the band. The Haemoband is very easy to use and gives you the ultimate control and speed. Kit options are available with a self-lighting Proctoscope and/or suction tubing. Free samples are readily available for trial.

Uterine manipulation is an essential component of laparoscopic procedures. The ClearView gives the surgeon excellent visualisation during surgery. By using this premium quality device, you can maximise efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

One of Hallmark Surgical’s most popular Gynae devices is the SOLO™ ClearView Uterine Manipulator. Supplied in a single kit with all required components, it is fully disposable. ClearView provides the greatest range of motion of any Uterine Manipulator available – a complete 210° of movement – 90°anteversion and 120° retroversion. The manipulator’s rotating control handle enables one-handed control and can be set in place allowing you to free your hands.

The complete ClearView kit contains the manipulator, uterine sound, syringe and dye injector. You can choose between two tip lengths – the 6/7cm tip or the 8/9cm tip.

A second version has been designed specifically for laparoscopic procedures where it is desirable to locate the position of the vaginal fornices, typically during Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH). The ClearView TOTAL kit includes colpotomy cups in three different sizes and a pre-attached occluder balloon:

Colpotomy Cups: The Colpotomy cups are designed to enhance visibility during the procedure. The colpotomy cups are made from a proprietary material which, unlike many other colpotomy cups, can be used with both electrosurgical and harmonic scalpels. Their signature bright teal colour makes them easy to identify during the colpotomy incision.

Occluder Balloon: The occluder balloon serves as a seal, preventing the loss of the pneumoperitoneum after the colpotomy incision. Using the syringe, you fill it with 60-120cc of sterile saline. Saline solution provides a clearer image on the ultrasound monitor.

Electrosurgery is a surgical procedure that requires high-frequency electricity for cauterizing or cutting tissue. For great precision and ease of use, the Electrisure™ range of Bipolar Forceps including the popular Adson Bipolar Forceps are ideal for streamlining electrosurgical operations, making it easier for the Surgeon and increasing the consistency of the outcomes.

Eschar build-up on the forcep tips produces toxic surgical smoke during operation, which can be harmful to the medical professionals involved. Electrisure™ non-stick bipolar forceps, complete with a Silver insert within the tip to create a low-smoke tip, are designed to lower those risks by reducing the amount of surgical smoke plume and tissue charring.

Hallmark Surgical has a very broad range of world-leading single-use medical devices exclusively available in Australasia through Hallmark Surgical alone, from gynaecological devices to colorectal, orthopaedic and electrosurgical instruments. Be free to reach out today with any questions or if you would like to trial free samples. We are here to reduce infection risks, reduce costs and simplify and enhance your procedures.