The Hidden Environmental Impact Of Reusable Devices

One of the points of discussion regarding the usage of reusable and single-use medical instruments is their sustainability and environmental impact.

Reusable devices are often preferred due to their lifespan, which may appear as the economical choice. On the other hand, single-use devices are believed to be wasteful, and once disposed of, accumulating in the landfill and harming the environment.

However, reusable devices may be the less eco-friendly option.

Very strong chemicals are used in the decontamination and sterilisation of reusable medical devices. These chemicals are strong enough to be damaging and harmful to human health, yet alone the environment and aquatic life when disposed of. On a global scale, these chemicals are also partly responsible for the contamination of groundwater sources of portable water.

However, single use devices are packaged in recyclable materials. Compare the copious amount of chemicalized water and electricity usage needed to sterilize one reusable instrument for the waterways, to the one contained single use device with recyclable packaging, for the landfill. The strength of the chemicals mean the smallest amount of water will still damage whatever it comes into contact with – habitation or life. And water can’t disappear, it will soak into the ground or end up in the sea.

To reduce health and environmental affects and also allow you to work quicker and smarter, we offer a full range of single use Instrumentation. Disposable suctions are becoming more and more demanded as ensuring reusable cannulae are 100% clean and risk-free is impossible due to the narrow and curved lumens. Single-use suctions eliminate the risk, the cost, and the time needed for re-processing reusable devices. With quality UK made Suctions, single use Suctions feel the same as a reusable device for the surgeon and provide excellent results.

As a trusted provider of healthcare supplies, Hallmark Surgical operates with a corporate responsibility to the environment. All areas of our operation, from manufacture to delivery, are aligned with the best practices recognised globally.

Our years of knowledge and experience in the industry have given us extensive knowledge of the needs of the market. We are committed to providing high-quality medical devices that allow our clients to provide an exceptional level of care.

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