How to setup a Suction Liner Trolley – Hallmark Surgical

Learn how to setup Hallmark Surgical’s world class innovative suction management system for every level of healthcare including OR, Endoscopy, ICU, Outpatients, Clinics and Wards.

✅ Integrated suction connection on the liners providing lowest set-up time among all suction liners.

✅ Highly flexible, durable and compact suction liners reducing storage space and environmental waste. ✅ ‘Series’ installation enables automatic switch over to multiple suction canisters for high fluid applications.

✅ Robust, strong canister’s available in 1L, 1.5L, 2L and 3L sizes, with measurements readable from 270°. ✅ Fluid activated shut-off valve for safety during procedures.

Available to be installed in Series, Rail Mounted, Wall mounted or trolley mounted for your perfect set-up.

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